Adobe Sees Significant Rise in Mobile Shopping

In today’s society, smart phones and tablets are ubiquitous. In our world that means mobile may very well be the future of the fashion business – and we can see signs of this taking place today. More and more customers are turning to their mobile devices to shop. In fact, Adobe’s latest report shows that 46 percent of retail traffic is driven by mobile. And with continued growth of social media, especially Pinterest and Instagram, we anticipate this growth to continue.

Between November 1 and November 24, nearly $27 billion have been spent online, 8.5 percent more than in 2014. Mobile devices continue to play a dominant role in online shopping, driving 46 percent of visits to retail sites and 24 percent of sales ($6.32 billion). Read more.

 At Samsung, our fashion partners are already seeing the impact, as it’s no longer enough to have a retail presence; you must be online and mobile-friendly as well. For fashion brands, this consumer demand for e-commerce can be a barrier to growth, as fashion logistics and fulfillment for every individual order can be time consuming and costly.


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