Fashion Industry News: Growing capital without sacrificing equity

For an entrepreneur, capital is king. In the business of fashion, companies need to raise money in order for their business to grow. A recent Entrepreneur article by Alex Iskold outlines the typical choices entrepreneurs face when thinking about capital.


Founders hate dilution. They are jealous of the equity in the company, because they believe in the vision and the opportunity. On one hand, the founders don't want to give up equity. On the other hand, they typically need capital to grow the business. Read more.


While it seems that founders have only one choice when raising capital – give up less equity to get less money or give up more equity to get more money – Samsung offers an alternative. Samsung works with growing fashion brands to purchase inventory and manage back-end logistics. Fashion partners retain full equity and control. They can focus on growing their brands and stop worrying about funding for inventory.


Learn more about Samsung’s solution for fashion brands.