What if you had a partner with seemingly infinite resources, ready to finance your expansion based on business opportunity and growth potential instead of collateral?

What if you had a partner ready to support all back office functions of wholesale fashion including inventory purchasing, warehousing, logistics, invoicing and AR collection?

What if you were finally able to focus on your core strengths in design, sales and marketing instead of having to deal with fashion industry logistics?

What if you had a global enterprise solution that could ensure your brand is taken care of throughout the purchasing, shipping, logistics, distribution, invoicing and collections process?

What if you could do all of this without giving up any equity in your company?

With Samsung there is a better way.

Samsung Fashion Process Flow

You could build the fashion business you’ve always dreamed of through a partnership with Samsung C&T. We purchase inventory and manage logistics for growing brands, helping fashion entrepreneurs to free up cash to pursue business strategies while maintaining total control of their business.

  •  Benefit from an improved selection of vendors, flexibility at purchasing terms and variable payment methods.
  • Enjoy better cash flow management and the ability to cash out the profit to maximize business potential.
  • Leverage global awareness and credibility of the Samsung brand to expand business through organic growth as well as discovery and pursuit of licensing opportunities or acquisitions.

These benefits may not apply to every company. Only those companies who take advantage of Samsung’s business model and utilize it for maximum potential will enjoy the full suite of benefits.